1. Do not SPAM.
  2. Do not FLOOD in the Chat.
  3. Offenses, slanders and difamations aren’t allowed.
  4. Be respectful and do not discriminate or threaten.
  5. Do not share inappropriate content or content that belongs to someone else’s (personal information).
  6. Do not impersonate other users. This rule is applied when you are cloning another user (using the same pictures, acting like them, same nickname).
  7. Do not ask for rank.
  8. Do not beg or ask for free products.
  9. Excessive spam and flooding are not allowed.
  10. Do not cause dramas, interruptions, or encourage to break terms and rules.
  11. Do not talk about hacking, scams and related stuff. It is strictly prohibited.
  12. All languages are Allowed.
  13. Obey the Xat’s Terms of Service:

How to earn rank:

  • You must follow all the rules.
  • Have a good knowledge of the rules, so that you can apply them when someone inflicts them.
  • Have a good reputation. This reputation is measured with good moderation performance and owners in other chats.
  • Always help users.
  • Be friendly, be communicative and know how to use common sense.
  • Do not ask to have rank.

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